Bluedrive Support Manager

Relentless Software Expertise

Bluedrive Support Manager is a modern distributed service desk solution allowing organization to conduct all customer service operations from a single pane of glass while enforcing and automating best practices.


  • Unique Service Access Point – View everything from a single interface (issues, KB records, instant messaging, call-center features, etc.)
  • Instant Messaging – Telegram-based, with support for chatbot integration
  • Automated Ticket Management – The system takes care of shifting tickets when responsible staff changes
  • Easy Integration – With issue management and knowledge database tools (Atlassian Jira & Confluence)
  • Phone Call Notifications – Enables the notification of service desk staff for relevant issues via automated phone calls. Excellent for on-call operations.
  • Mobile App – With support for iOS and Android
  • Blockchain Stored Audit Trail – Save an immutable history of actions and records
  • Enhanced Phone-Base Support Experience – Allow servicedesk staff to answer support calls from any location using their own mobile phone.

Check the product outline document.